Embroidery exists all around us from corporate wear, sportswear, school uniforms,
dance uniforms, bowling shirts, lunch bags, hats, jackets, aprons, dog collars, luggage,
bags, promotional items and on and on and on!!! Below we have a small amount of examples
to give you ideas on expanding your own embroidery business!

Hats are big sellers !!! from promotional items to fun sporty looks and casual uniforms!

Jacket and sweaters for everyday use or seasonal items are a big hit! Utilize your creativity with appliqué
 shown above!
Think of letterman jackets, corporate jackets, work uniforms, local tourist market etc! 


Promotional items are in large demand from corporations, golf clubs, bowling clubs, car clubs etc!

Imagine taking that local car club and doing a jacket with the presidents car on it in detail! Everybody who looks at it is going to want one with there car on it! Do a pillow with the local high school or college on it! Do custom lunch bags for the kids!!!

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