HAPPY Embroidery Machines

HAPPY Industrial Corp. manufactures a wide range of equipment to fit needs ranging from those of a startup business all the way to the requirements of the biggest production shops  around!  Listed below are the different sizes of equipment available, please click on the picture for a complete guide to each machine!
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  HCH Journey compact 1-head   HCH-701-30TTC
A revolutionary new design from Happy provides owners with a large-field (12x12"), 1000spm multi-needle machine, engineered and manufactured in Japan, at a VERY attractive price!  Wide cap sewing field with optional kit.  Color touch screen, 12 onboard fonts, 40 million stitch memory!  Click HERE for a PDF brochure.

HCS Voyager compact 1-head  
The best-selling machine ever from Happy! The first truly compact,portable, ultra-lite embroidery machine weighing in at only 88 lbs!  Now in its newest generation, Voyager is more capable than ever - tougher, stronger, and with new features!  Click HERE to download a PDF brochure that you can view and print!

SOLO and DUET Garment Printers

SOLO Direct to Garment Printers

Simple Setup, Small Runs: Direct to garment inkjet printers allow you to to print images images directly onto t-shirts, skipping many of the complex, time-consuming steps in screen printing, such as color separation, burning screens or cleaning up emulsions. This gives direct garment printing some distinct advantages: (1) Images with lots of color blends (think family photos!), are just as easy to print as a 1 or 2-color logo, and (2) the simpler setup makes even small and medium-sized runs practical.

Operational Flexibility: Additionally, without the messy, smelly chemical cleanup or the need for the large tunnel dryers (only a small heat press is needed for the curing process), direct garment printers let you set up a t-shirt printing operation in many locations where screen printing can't go.

 Click HERE for a demonstration


Tabletop Industrial
HAPPY's HCD-1501 makes it easier for business owners of all size to succeed in building an embroidery business. Key advantages are:
Operate in any size space. Home, shop or factory!

Small Initial Investment. For the price of a small car, you have the embroidery equipment to start a business!

Useful for All Size Shops. Even after you grow, your HCD will be needed for samples, small jobs, or to help with other embroidery production.


HCR 1502 Two-Head

HCR 1502
Two-Head HCR Series
 The fastest in Happy's HCR line, HCR 1502 also has HAPPY's largest sewing field. Multi-head capability in a small size!


4-head HCR 1504
 Happy's 4-head is one of the most popular models for embroidery businesses needing a multi-head machine.

HCR 1504X Stretch 4-Head

Stretch 4-Head 
HCR 1504X
 Multi-head production power + the largest sewing field available lets you put big embroidery jobs into serious production.


HCR 1506 Six-Head 

   HCR 1506
Happy's 6-head is one of the most popular models for businesses needing a multi-head machine.
HCR 1506X Stretch
HCR 1506X Stretch Six-Head
 Multi-head production power + the largest sewing field available lets you put big jobs into serious production.

HCR 1508 Eight-Head Series

HCM 1216 - 36TTC

Happy's 1508
puts the production power of larger embroidery machines
into the convenience & compactness of the HCR system.

Standard Features

  • On-Board Help Feature
  • WIDE (9 inch) color LCD Monitor
  • HAPPY LINK Software
  • HAPPY LAN Software (networking)
  • Automatic Color Change
  • Compatible with many types of storage media
  • Make Design Adjustments On-The-Spot: flip/rotate, auto-repeat, fine-scaling, offset from center, and more
  • Improve sewing quality of existing designs with design cleanup/compensation tools
  • Improved production power: higher speed operation, fast color change


For more information call: 1-800-497-3925 or (763)425-5173