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Introducing HAPPY's 15-Needle

   Introducing  HAPPY's 


Your one-stop Embroidery
Supply Depot

ALARCON & Co., Inc.
offers complete solutions
    for your equipment needs!

  HAPPY Embroidery Machines  
Exceptionally engineered, HAPPY embroidery 
  machines provide customers with unmatched 
  performance and productivity!   

  SEDS II Digitizing Software - Provides 
  a quality digitizing and editing package at 
  unbeatable value!

  Placing a Design-
  Proper way to place a design
  Embroidery Accessories - Thread, backing, 
  bobbins, hooping aids and everything in 
  Midwest Coverage- We provide solutions
  for you throughout Minnesota, North Dakota,
  South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
  Trade Shows and Seminars - We offer classes to 
  teach you more about using your embroidery
  equipment.  Check the Schedule!
  Machine technical advice - Our webpage is
  chock-full of learning aids and help files to 
  help you better understand your equipment.
 About Alarcon & Co., Inc. - Who are we
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  ?  Cartridge System
  ?  WICS White Ink System
  ?  Simple Setup, Small Runs      
  ?  Operational Flexibility
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        Providing more than just equipment.  SED II  digitizing & editing software
 Contact us for all of your embroidery needs!  Click here to go to the Accessories page!
 ?  Excellent value
 ?  High quality stitching
 ?  Complete digitizing &
     editing packages
 ?  Works well with HAPPY
     embroidery machines
 ?  Outputs to commercial
     and home formats
 ?  Very User-Friendly.  Be
      productive right away!
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